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This Machine... Exhibition Mark Stockton 2023 100 People Exhibition Mark Stockton 2022 100 People Publication Card Set Mark Stockton
Whitman Multitudes PAFA exhibition Mark Stockton There Are a Dozen of Me Afloat Collaborative Exhibition by Mark Stockton and Lewis Colburn Whitman 200 Research
Appeal t Reason 2018 Vox Populi Independent(s) Neel after Mapplethorpe
Of Consequence, Vox Populi Gallery, 2016Mark Stockton Beat Your Altar, Vox Populi Gallery, 2014
Mark Stockton The World (This One), Vox Populi, 2013
Mark Stockton
General Index, Vox Populi Gallery, 2012
Mark Stockton
Other Works, 
Mark Stockton Flesh For Worms, Vox Populi Gallery, 2010, 
Mark Stockton
Making Weight, DCCA, 2014, 
Mark Stockton Group Exhibitions, Mark Stockton 1983, Acuna Hansen, 2007-2008
Mark Stockton
Record, Acuna Hansen, 2006, 
Mark Stockton Exhibition- Some of Its Parts
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